Wedding Music – Finding Harmony on your Special Day

In the midst of all the feverish wedding planning, many couples will have cast their ear on what wedding music they would love as the extended soundtrack to the biggest day of their lives. It can encompass classical and folk music, granny’s special request and bridal entrances, through to the essential playlist to rock the dancefloor into the early hours of the morning after.

For one day only, each bride and groom have full artistic license to truly own this moment. Wedding Music forms an integral timeline to the day. Consider some of the following factors when it comes to perfectly planning the musical interludes for your special occasion.


Pre-Ceremony Wedding Music – Set a sweet undertone to proceedings

The twenty minute (or so) timeframe when guests arrive to take their seats in eager anticipation of the bridal party’s entrance is the ideal opportunity to introduce light classical or folk music. As a wedding violinist, I often use this initial wedding music set to serenade excited guests with soft Celtic music that sets the perfect tone before the serious proceedings for the day take place. For some additional flair, consider hiring a classical guitarist or vocal/guitar duo to set the mood and make your wedding party feel right at home.


Wedding Ceremony –  Make it Personal and Meaningful

The bride’s entrance is perhaps the most emotive part of the day. It is the moment every bride has dreamt of since she was a little girl and should be partnered with a personal song or instrumental piece that is close to her heart. You could also  select an entrance song which has a personal and meaningful connection to your journey as a couple. The ceremony itself offers the option of adding hymns or opting for musical interludes to break up the formalities. Choose a professional musician who  is willing to learn and arrange your wedding music of choice.


Pre-Reception Music – Bask in Wedded Bliss with chilled, acoustic melodies

Once you’ve said your “I do’s”, the serious part is over and it’s time to let your hair down. Bearing in mind, that when you leave to capture stunning photographs, your guests will be mingling over long overdue catch-ups and gin-infused sundowners, as is the South African tradition. I am often hired to perform for for canapes and cocktails, and find that a mixture of well known modern and classic songs blends perfectly into the setting sun. Smart options include a three piece Jazz band (eg Jazz Company, Ternielle Nelson Band) or a foot stomping folk group such as Beukes and Delaney or The Runaway Train Cult/


Book a Band – Finding your ideal Group to get the party going.

After enduring what might seem like a two hour speech from the groom’s father, you’ll be itching to ditch the heels and get onto the dancefloor to party the night away. Booking a band for your main wedding music is likely to be the largest investment towards the wedding entertainment. Take your partner out to go and listen to a few bands performing before you make your final decision. It  boils down to not only what music YOU love, but also what musical styles will appeal to the broadest section on your guestlist. A great band has the ability to create both wonderful memories for you and leave your guests speaking with great enthusiasm and nostalgia about your awesome wedding for years to come.


End your Wedding Music on the Right Note with a great Wedding DJ

In the euphoria of dancing along to the band to your heart’s content, only a professional DJ can raise that tempo to bring your dream wedding to its perfect climax. A great wedding DJ charges premium rates but, more than just spinning decks or arranging a playlist, he or she has great responsibility and alleviates much of the day’s potential stress. Consult with a DJ who understands and can adapt to your wishes, is able to work seamlessly with your wedding venue, and will ensure that every single guest will have the time of their lives.


About the Author

Wedding music David Delaney is a multi-instrumental wedding musician that has been performing and delighting wedding couples and guests throughout Ireland and South Africa since his early teens. Based in Johannesburg,  David specialises in celtic violin and flute, but can also add a touch of light classical, jazz and Latin American grooves to get your wedding music on the right track. An ideal choice for both the ceremonial and pre-reception elements of your wedding day, he is also available in a range of musical projects guaranteed to match your musical tastes. Contact David today to request a personalized quote for your wedding or special event.


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