Violinist for an Event – Choosing a Musician to match the mood.


If you’re looking to create an unforgettable atmosphere for your special guests, booking a violinist for an event to perform live music is one of the unique ways to make it both memorable and entertaining. Finding the perfect musician for your special occasion, though, can be a daunting task – you’re looking for someone who will set the stage and match the mood of your function. A violinist could be ideal, as they possess exquisite musical talents and can awaken many senses and emotions in their playing. A couple of corporate seasons ago, I wrote a Blog article exploring various options of violinists in Johannesburg that event organizers can consider for an event. This follow-up article is a well-overdue 2023 update, focusing on the different stylistic options to match the theme of your event.


Where to start with booking a Violinist for an Event?

Booking a musician can provide an elegant touch that sets the mood for any gathering, from corporate events and dinner parties to weddings and concerts. So whether you’re searching for upbeat favorites or classical tunes that move audiences with emotion, the decision to hire a violinist will surely enhance your next gathering. But with so many talented musicians in the industry, how do you choose the right violin player? In this article, I discuss key factors to guide you in selecting the ideal violinist for an event.


Allow your guests to relive the Classics.

If you want to create an air of both sophistication and nostalgia, look no further than a classical violinist. These talented and versatile musicians bring classical grace to any occasion and transport your guests to the Viennese halls and Italian courtyards of yesteryear. From Baroque and Mozart to modern interpretations, as heard on the Netflix hit Bridgerton, hiring a classical violinist for an event can deliver a unique and passionate performance that entertains. Their skillful techniques will mesmerize all in attendance with their rich melodies, stunning improvisation, and captivating solos. 

Booking Tip: When booking a classical violinist, enquire whether they would be performing solo, with the addition of backtracks, or as part of a duo/trio/quartet.


violinist for an event


Add some Pzazz with a Gypsy Jazz Violinist for an Event

Add a touch of French flair to your event with a gypsy jazz violinist! With its fun, upbeat melodies, the genre made famous by Stephane Grapelli, Django Reinhardt, and other luminaries is the perfect choice for creating an exciting atmosphere aligned with a European theme. The violinist will mesmerize the audience with their unique gypsy jazz style, adding a vibrant energy to your event. 

Event Tip: Why not encourage your guests up on their feet and bop with this acoustic experience that brings you the eclectic sounds and rhythms of gypsy culture?



Go New School with a Contemporary Violinist

If a few hours of classical music is not your cup of tea or your guests need to be mobile enough to get in the Gyspy groove, you can always play it safe with contemporary music! Get the perfect modern violinist for an event to make any celebration memorable for the younger guests. From dynamic interpretations of popular music to creative takes on contemporary songs, these genre-bending performers can liven up any occasion with skillful playing and melodic sound. If you can source a violinist who uses effects pedals, you will undoubtedly create a wow factor at your event that guests will talk about long afterward.

Booking Tip: Enquire with your violinist to see if they will take requests – from any contemporary music genre. It will be an unforgettable treat if you want to surprise a special somebody with their favorite musical piece. As a wedding musician, I always encourage a Bride and Groom to choose a Bridal Entrance piece that is personal and special to them. There is no harm in proposing the same request to your contemporary violinist. 


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David Delaney – A Violinist for your Event, incorporating every Style you can imagine

Hi, I’m David Delaney, and I have been performing as an Event and Wedding Violinist for over 20 years. Growing up in Ireland, every genre of music imaginable influenced me. As a result, I have built up an extensive event repertoire list, including everything from Edith Piaf to Ed Sheeran and many more surprises. 

No musical request is off the table when you book me as your violinist for an event. I offer packages ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours of performance with a battery-powered system to amplify my music to your guests without worrying about load-shedding. 

If you are looking to hire a musician for your special event and want a taste of all the musical styles above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today to request a Quote

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