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Wedding Violinist: Choose your slice of the Musical Cake on your Special Day

William Lyon was once quoted as saying, “the highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.” And I agree with him. The happiest days of your life will begin on the day you take your vows. And just like all those historical events in your life, why not indulge in a timeless souvenir to remember it? When it comes to reminders at weddings, apart from the necessary wedding rings, nothing beats the presence of having a wedding violinist in your event. This will make the wedding memorable for both your spouse and also the attendees. Now, there are a variety of songs that you can request your violinist to play. To help you identify the best violinist for your big day, we have compiled for you some violin styles that you can request your violinist to play on the big day.


Classical Violin

Nothing quite completes a traditional white wedding like the presence of a classical violinist. Classic violin speaks class and is a decadent showcase to your spouse and guests. It brings about a romantic, light atmosphere that sets the mood for the ceremony. Don’t forget to request your classical wedding violinist to play one of the bride’s favorite songs when she is walking down the aisle or a commonly known song when the cake cutting session begins.


Live looping wedding violinist

Live music has the power to bring any room to life. Violinists that perform using loop pedals continue to push the artistic boundaries of improvisation and creativity, and possess a rich taste in music, fusing multiple music genres ranging from Hip Hop to traditional Indian Classics. This will be quite a unique feature and a surprise if the violinist you are hiring can layer and loop musical patterns, live on stage. Why not give your guests something to talk about? A live looping violinist is just at home as the temporary glory of your wedding day, as they are in a New York or London subway!


Contemporary Violinist

You do not want your guests to get bored or distracted by a violinist performing abstract repertoire that not even the golden oldies at the back table are familiar with! Contemporary violin players hit all the right notes by playing the instrumental version of the latest hit songs. Music is constantly evolving and as much as we say old is gold, we should not forget that new is niche. A violinist playing some of the latest songs will resonate with many of your guests, taking your wedding party to the next level, while surprising, and delighting all in attendance with fresh instrumental versions of modern hits.


Celtic Violinist

Before the reception begins and the party kicks into the next gear, all your guests need is some cool relaxing music to ease into the afternoon. From the pre-ceremony through to pre-reception and canapes, this is where Celtic players come in. Why not have a moment of nostalgic yet relaxing music for your wedding. Having a violinist who can play Irish and Scottish music for your guests gets the feet tapping, the drink flowing, and builds up the momentum for the celebrations that lie ahead.


Book your flavor of Wedding Violinist Today

David Delaney is an experienced violinist with a wide repertoire in music, intertwining all the styles listed above. Having performed over 400 weddings around South Africa and Ireland, David possesses a spellbinding ability to mesmerize and entertain wedding guests of all ages and backgrounds. Remember, a wedding is as good as the music performed and the caliber of artists that are invested in your special moment. Contact David today and be assured of perfection on your big day.



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Wedding Musician: The Ultimate Gift to your Spouse


As the saying goes, “once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale”. And each fairy tale should be celebrated memorably. There are a couple of ways to make a wedding memorable. But none surpasses the presence of a wedding musician on your special day. This is because live music breathes life to the event.


When planning your wedding, you want to create a perfect paradise for your spouse. A paradise where they will be the centre of attraction because it’s a big day for both of you. Bringing a DJ into your wedding is a cool idea, but not the best scenario. You do not want to settle for good in your wedding, aim for the best – absolute perfection! A live wedding musician creates an intimate, yet lively mood while keeping your spouse at the centre of it all. It is also relaxing and a romantic gesture to amplify the lifelong commitment you are just about to make to the love of your life.  Below we have listed for you some benefits of bringing a live musician to your wedding.


A Wedding Musician adds a unique touch to your Special Day.


If you want your wedding to be truly memorable, then it must differentiate from anything you’ve seen, heard, or read about, at previous weddings. The guests, and also your partner is most likely to remember the performance of a live band or a wedding musician over a backtrack of recorded music.


A Wedding Musician can interact with your Guests.

For an event to be lively and interesting, there needs to be interaction on all levels. A live band interacts with the audience, raising the excitement level as the evening turns into night. This allows your guests to feel appreciated and considered in the planning of the occasion. And such moments on the dancefloor, are the memories that will live on in your guests’ hearts, as you live ‘happily ever after’.


A Live musician can customize your Special Request

This is one feature that DJs and prerecorded music have difficulties simulating. You can request your wedding musician to play certain music that personalizes the connection that everyone will gather to celebrate. The musician can even add your names to the music which makes the song solely about you.


They bring about a level of Professionalism: 

DJ’s are commonly hired to play prerecorded songs, often hiding behind the dexterity of a USB stick! Hiring a musician injects that professional touch into your event. This is mainly because musicians are always professionally trained to immerse themselves in the audience and keep everyone entertained. Wedding DJs are limited by the pre-recorded music in their playlists, which creates an atmosphere but can be difficult to take to the next level without wearing your guests out! Remember you want your wedding to feel romantic to you and your spouse.


Live performances are Romantic

Live performances bring that romantic feature that may lack in other forms of entertainment. Cutting the cake or kissing her after putting the ring on her finger while a violin player plays a sweet sensational song. What a romantic unforgettable moment. Live wedding music can bring the ‘movie’ feeling to your wedding.


They are priced relatively cheap.

On top of all these advantages, live performers are relatively cheap, in comparison to other entertainment options. This is because many wedding musicians and bands have their own instruments and less equipment to bring, so the overall cost of hiring their services is reduced. Also, they occasionally offer incredible discounts during off-peak seasons that can competitively price their service well below a traditional wedding DJ.


Make that ultimate Musical Enquiry, for your Special Day

With these facts laid out to you, the only remaining thing is to find a qualified and professional team that will help make your day. Why don’t you contact David Delaney, a renowned violinist and all-around wedding musician who is professional and well informed when it comes to performances at weddings. Surprise your spouse by booking a wedding violinist who knows the undertones of weddings and the art of creating romantic moments and scenes. Contact David today to request a quote


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Engagement Proposal Ideas – Taking the Knee in Style

More often than often, a happy relationship usually leads to marriage. Ok, wait. Let’s stop there before we get too carried away with happy endings. Before a man can marry the love of his life, he needs pretty impressive engagement proposal ideas to convince the love of his life that she’s making a bullet-proof choice. The manner in which you propose is a defining moment and usually leaves lasting memories with your wife-to-be. In order to be romantic, you ought to choose good places where you will propose to your girl. Just remember women love romantic experiences. Your winning proposal will be the hot topic of many a fiance’s catch-up coffee discussion and the stuff of pride of legend that is destined to be shared as far down as the grandkids. Whichever way you decide to pop the question, go all out in the romance department. To make it even more special, accompany your proposal with cool and romantic songs or add a live musician to the moment. Men, we trust in you, but if you need some inspiration on how to propose the love of your life, here are some memorable engagement proposal ideas you can secretly plan, for maximum Yes effect!


1. At the Theatre of a Live Music Show

It’d be wise to contact the organizers of the show and inform them of your plans. Also, you should make contacts with a local violinist to perform while you will be proposing. So here’s how it can go down.

  • The setup might include the master of ceremony (MC) signalling you to go on the podium while the show is on its advanced stages.
  • The MC will then start a truth and dare game where he or she should ask you a question, upon failure to answer, he then dares you to hug your girlfriend.
  • Not only should you hug her, but also proceed to propose to her while musicians or actors enter the stage all seemingly unaware but blatantly in on the act.

2. Take your Partner on a coffee date at a classic hotel.

The hotel should be spacious and also located in a serene environment. While taking your coffee you will be talking and informing your girlfriend of your plans of intending to propose and randomly bringing up engagement proposal ideas to her. Teasing her may even make her more blissfully unaware that the moment is right upon her. After she is done drinking her coffee, you would then signal her to read what’s written in the cup. To her surprise, she would find the words; “I want to marry you, my angel”, or similar.’ To add extra emotion, consider adding some background music or a live violin player performing in the background.


3. Engagement Proposal Ideas while on a vacation or on a Short Trip Away

The destination is entirely up to you, but we find it hard to see past a beach in Cape Town or Durban. While on your getaway, you would then take her to swim, photoshoot or to play water bucket relay.  In the afternoon, you would then consider sitting with her at the beach while the sun sets. At that moment, a violinist would then intervene from behind where you are sitting. As they are playing, you should seize the moment of distraction to get down on one knee and propose to her while assuring her you love her as much as she loves the musical backdrop to her surprise moment.


4. Take her to a garden setting in any South African city

Lastly, you might consider having a simple but classic proposal, and we can’t think of a more idyllic setting than in one of South Africa’s many stunning botanical gardens or parks. Here’s how it might go down. As you are entering the garden’s yard, you would find some entertaining musicians performing (preferably pre-booked so they can work with your plan) You’d then seem interested and approach the band. The band would then start approaching and presenting directly to you. One of the players will then hand your partner a note, which will contain a romantic proposal message written on it.

Say “I do”, to Unforgettable Engagement Proposal Ideas, with a dash of Violin

To ensure that your engagement proposal ideas, put into action, create a truly unforgettable moment, you need to go big or go home. Deciding to ask your partner to marry you may seem like the easiest decision you ever made. However, the moment itself can be nerve-wrangling. Call in the experts to help you. Nothing says “Yes” better than a violinist in the background performing “your special song”. David Delaney is not only an experienced wedding violinist but is also available for proposals of all manners and melodies. Contact David today to request a quote for your exciting, life-altering moment.


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Careers in Music – Dealing with Failure

As an Irish musician living and performing overseas, I was expecting a bumper week with gigs galore and impossible schedules to fill. The expectation that I would be bouncing all over South Africa performing my unique and authentic blend of Irish music and milking the utmost out of Saint Patrick’s Day (17th March) in South Africa. Hell, if you asked me a month ago, how my Paddy’s week was looking, I was very happy with my burgeoning calendar. Read what happens next!


For those of us who strive to maintain careers in music, you know that things can fall apart at any stage. And more often than not, it is due to circumstances that are entirely out of our control. Long story short, boy did Saint Patrick’s weekend wind up being a monumental failure for me! Cancellation nation, to be precise! Failure is an element that those with careers in music are forced to deal with, more than any other profession. It’s how you act upon it, that minimizes the risk of it becoming a recurring trend down the road. Here are a few factors to consider, that gives you some ammunition in growing your career, and not letting failures destroy your talent and passion for what you do.


Be the Co-Manager and Promoter of your Product

Remember that awesome muso you heard at that market three years ago? Wondering why they’re still playing that same gig and never really seized the opportunity while they were the flavor of the month? I’ve devoted much of my reasoning for this in my previous Blog. To put it bluntly, you can’t depend on that market events manager alone, to propel your career. He or she has a family, other work, bills, and mental and physical health to deal with. Set out clear goals – call it a 2-year plan, if you want. Set out realistic objectives and figure out what you can do by yourself and what you need help with. And in the process, you might just find out who your real fans truly are!


Look at Careers in Music outside your comfort zone

This doesn’t refer to changing your style of music or taking up a particular instrument because that’s what’s hot right now. It means getting on a bus, a train, a plane, whatever it takes, to take your music to new audiences. You know what, you’re probably going to be judged and vilified by people who know no better. South Africa isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of the music industry. If you pursue or are offered an opportunity overseas, take it! To hell with the begrudgers. Your value has been recognized, and you will flourish wherever you take your god given talent.


Careers in Music need a little helping hand from the WWW

Back in “good old days” musicians succeeded through strong record/CD sales, consistently touring and generous tv and radio exposure. That has all changed, and the sooner you accept it, the quicker you can adapt to avoid failure. While technology and the internet have allowed the big labels to flex their muscles and bully smaller players into submission, it has also opened up a raft of creative tools to advance the careers of emerging artists. Get a proper website up, do some SEO in order to be found on Google and other search engines. And finally, implement a social media scheduling tool such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Sprout Social to post all your social media updates simultaneously.


Picking yourself up after a crippling failure

There are countless hazards to careers in music. So much so, that it takes special character to bounce back from a catastrophic setback and rebuild your brand and quickly get back on track. There’s scarcely a professional musician out there who hasn’t either;

  • Had all their gear stolen
  • Been dumped from their record label before their music was released
  • Teetered on the brink of alcoholism/ drug addiction from the pressures of careers in music
  • Had a major tour canceled at the last minute
  • Had relationships and marriages fall apart as a result of their unyielding passion.
  • Etc. etc.

It might be scant consolation, but any one of these setbacks will teach you a harsh lesson and the proverbial kick up the backside. It toughens you up and gives you a piercing life lesson from which you can only improve. You will stop blaming external factors for your demise and understand that only YOU operate the driving seat to your destiny and a blossoming career in the industry. You will make that breakthrough when you create the mindset that you WILL become successful no matter what, and never limit yourself to local bars, politics and uninvited opinions.

careers in music

What next for me, when St. Patrick is sentenced to Murphy’s Law?

After my initial rage and frustration has subsided, I’ve had time to reflect on how good I actually have it. I still have two gigs this weekend. There are organisers out there who appreciate my band’s talent and investing good money in me and my colleague to perform as their headline act this weekend. What I’ve learned from this whole experience, is that I shouldn’t allow myself to be pigeonholed into the niche of being just the token Irish musician in SA. There are better benchmarks to set than chasing 100 gigs in a year or 4 gigs a day across Paddy’s weekend.

And best of all, I have substantially more precious time to spend our national holiday with my wife and son, something I haven’t done in… possibly forever!


David Delaney – Irish Musician

Juggling a life between digital marketing specialist and professional musician, I’m probably not the guru to guide you towards careers in music. The violinist in me, however, makes me a perfectionist in what I seek to accomplish. I’ve had my share of failures but I’m eternally grateful for the successes that have outweighed the former. I’m a violinist, flute player and folk singer and you can find out more about me by exploring my website today.

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Violinists in Johannesburg – From Medieval to Mainstream

Ever wonder where violinists in Johannesburg hide away? In South Africa, violin players seem to shy away from the stage in a broader context. Such is the novelty when we are graced with a talented string player live in front of us, it begins to beg the question – If the talent is clearly there, who are they, and how can hear a little more of their beautiful music?

The JPO – Where classical violinists converge

The J.P.O. – the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra is widely regarded as the premier outlet for classical violinists in Johannesburg and further afield. Frankly, good classical music down in this far-flung outpost of the world can be hard to track down! In the year 2000, classical musicians banded together from the ashes of the National Symphony Orchestra to form the JPO, combining talented international local and local soloists. Although beleaguered by scandals, they have resurrected in 2018, restoring credibility and offering world-class performances to the Joburg and the greater public. If you’re interested in attending a concert, the JPO is currently running their World Symphony Series – Summer Season, every Wednesday and Thursday at the Linder Auditorium, in Parktown, Johannesburg.


Celtic and Scottish Traditional Music – grounded in Mzansi

With a global footprint to be reckoned with, the Irish and the Scots are a musical force of note.

Alongside violinists in Johannesburg, we have a couple of fiddlers too. The famous 1984 song from country giants Alabama, “Fiddler in the Band”, seemed to have rung true for Irish musician David Delaney. He has been performing fiddle and flute in a wide assortment of Irish, folk, jazz, African and fusion bands since he arrived in Jozi in 2010 en route to Australia. You can find David performing as a solo violinist, or equally comfortable with bands such as Beukes and Delaney, Wiam Otto, and The Cover-Ups.


The Muses – Adding Sass and Flair that Violinists in Johannesburg aren’t normally allowed to

I couldn’t write about violinists in Johannesburg and not leave out The Muses. An electric string quartet that has become one of the most sought after corporate musical acts in SA. Can they play? Of course! But what sets them far apart from their classical rivals is the vibrant on-stage energy they recreate with every piece of music. There’s clearly a formula that is working here, and the corporate and high-end wedding market can’t get enough of them! If there’s a new Ed Sheeran, Beyonce or Coldplay single that’s burst onto the scene, you can be guaranteed that the Muses will be performing an equally uplifting version at an event near you. They’re not exactly my cup of tea, but they’re a talented and highly entertaining unit – something that aspiring violinists in Johannesburg can sit up and take note of.

Get in Touch

violinists in johannesburg

Have you heard a violinist or fiddle player perform somewhere recently that deserves a bit more recognition for their hard graft and talent? I’d love to know more. Like the resurrection of the JPO, musicians and the industry needs to band together to allow the South African entertainment scene to flourish. Happy New Year all. If you are searching for a violinist for a wedding, party or event, please contact me today to book and arrange top class musical entertainment.


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Wedding Musician by Weekend – Five things you didn’t know about Me

While being a wedding musician is one of my forte’s, I’m quite a private person off the stage, yet busy with many other aspects of life apart from being that “Irish fiddler in the band”. 

Most of you probably know me with a violin in my hand, making strange noises on the Irish low whistle, and singing along ad-hoc with Beukes and Delaney or at a solo gig. I’ve often been generalized as the “Irish wedding musician in Joburg” – and while it has its perks, there are a lot more strings to my bow! Read on, and get to know a little more about me, the David Delaney ‘off the stage’.

  • I have a 2-year-old son named Morena.

The highlight of my life, and the primary motivation for succeeding where I can. Morena means “King” in Sesotho. My mother’s maiden name is also King. He’s slowly and affectionately stepping into his noble roots.

  • I have traveled to over 40 countries

While I haven’t engaged my services as a wedding musician in all of them, I spent much of my twenties backpacking and travelling as much of the world as I could. Before settling in South Africa, I spent almost 18 months working and touring throughout Australia and New Zealand. It’s difficult to choose a favourite country, but Mexico was a particular highlight, with fond memories often recalled of Slovenia, New Zealand, and Thailand. Might explain a little about my very strange accent!

  • I hold a Degree in Marketing and an M.Sc in Interactive Media

The path to being a wedding musician in South Africa was never the initial plan. I studied between 2001-2007 and graduated twice from the University of Limerick. Truth be told, I was probably better known to play traditional music sessions in the pubs and homes of- Limerick, and widely presumed to be a student on the BA Traditional Irish Music course.

  • Before being a Wedding Musician, I spent a Semester studying abroad in Austria.

Ich habe auch Deutsch, in der Üniversität studiert. Ich hab, in 2003 die Gelegenheit genutzt, ein Semester in JKU, Linz, Osterreich zu studieren. An eye-opening experience – came home with an Austrian accent and have never lived it down from my life-long German friends in Bochum.

  • I work as a Content and Social Media Manager

Truth be told, a wedding musician and entertainer does not yield a steady income throughout the year. I can’t write a lyric but I’m passionate about writing, grammar and marketing. I love my day job – it’s not a fall back from music, but a skillset I’m avid about learning and moving forward in. I work for a fantastic digital agency called Prebo Digital and proud of the role our team plays in growing small and medium businesses through digital strategies. Check out all the online activities we do!

prebo digital



David Delaney

Maybe it’s the first time you’ve stumbled upon my page, or you’ve now familiarized yourself with the “other” side of me. Either way, you’re very welcome to my page. I am a wedding musician and event entertainer for any occasion you can imagine. Should you be getting married soon, or holding an awesome party, feel free to contact me on how we can make it an unforgettable occasion. Have a memorable weekend, and look out for my gigs and events happening near you soon.