Wedding Violinist: Choose your slice of the Musical Cake on your Special Day

William Lyon was once quoted as saying, “the highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.” And I agree with him. The happiest days of your life will begin on the day you take your vows. And just like all those historical events in your life, why not indulge in a timeless souvenir to remember it? When it comes to reminders at weddings, apart from the necessary wedding rings, nothing beats the presence of having a wedding violinist in your event. This will make the wedding memorable for both your spouse and also the attendees. Now, there are a variety of songs that you can request your violinist to play. To help you identify the best violinist for your big day, we have compiled for you some violin styles that you can request your violinist to play on the big day.


Classical Violin

Nothing quite completes a traditional white wedding like the presence of a classical violinist. Classic violin speaks class and is a decadent showcase to your spouse and guests. It brings about a romantic, light atmosphere that sets the mood for the ceremony. Don’t forget to request your classical wedding violinist to play one of the bride’s favorite songs when she is walking down the aisle or a commonly known song when the cake cutting session begins.


Live looping wedding violinist

Live music has the power to bring any room to life. Violinists that perform using loop pedals continue to push the artistic boundaries of improvisation and creativity, and possess a rich taste in music, fusing multiple music genres ranging from Hip Hop to traditional Indian Classics. This will be quite a unique feature and a surprise if the violinist you are hiring can layer and loop musical patterns, live on stage. Why not give your guests something to talk about? A live looping violinist is just at home as the temporary glory of your wedding day, as they are in a New York or London subway!


Contemporary Violinist

You do not want your guests to get bored or distracted by a violinist performing abstract repertoire that not even the golden oldies at the back table are familiar with! Contemporary violin players hit all the right notes by playing the instrumental version of the latest hit songs. Music is constantly evolving and as much as we say old is gold, we should not forget that new is niche. A violinist playing some of the latest songs will resonate with many of your guests, taking your wedding party to the next level, while surprising, and delighting all in attendance with fresh instrumental versions of modern hits.


Celtic Violinist

Before the reception begins and the party kicks into the next gear, all your guests need is some cool relaxing music to ease into the afternoon. From the pre-ceremony through to pre-reception and canapes, this is where Celtic players come in. Why not have a moment of nostalgic yet relaxing music for your wedding. Having a violinist who can play Irish and Scottish music for your guests gets the feet tapping, the drink flowing, and builds up the momentum for the celebrations that lie ahead.


Book your flavor of Wedding Violinist Today

David Delaney is an experienced violinist with a wide repertoire in music, intertwining all the styles listed above. Having performed over 400 weddings around South Africa and Ireland, David possesses a spellbinding ability to mesmerize and entertain wedding guests of all ages and backgrounds. Remember, a wedding is as good as the music performed and the caliber of artists that are invested in your special moment. Contact David today and be assured of perfection on your big day.