Hire a Musician: 5 Reasons Why Your Wedding or Event Benefits from Live Music


Why should you hire a musician? The answer to this is simple: Music is at the core of every known society and culture the world over, “The universal language of mankind,” and a live performance aspect is one of the best ways to entertain your guests, be it in a wedding, corporate event, or other casual events. Live music will have even those guests who do not enjoy dancing enjoy themselves simply by watching the artist’s live performance. Below are the five reasons why you need live music for your wedding or event.


  1. It helps to create a lively mood that is enticing to the guests

Music naturally adds life to any event. However, what a musician can achieve with a live performance is limitless. People get to enjoy their favourite music and still enjoy the human warmth and connection that comes with seeing their favourite musician on stage, knowing that they are there to entertain them. This makes them feel like they truly are a vital part of that event, creates a relaxing and serene atmosphere and a common ground where different classes of people can relate and enjoy.


  1. Hire a musician to create a unique mood with relevant music

A professional musician knows the exact kind of music to play to suit the occasion, capture the audience’s mood, and appeal to all in attendance. This greatly adds value to the entertainment as when the live music suits the mood; guests will happily join in and interact, dance, sing along to their favourite tunes, and leave happy and well entertained. Live music is just pure entertainment, so the choice of music and artist that you go for must always be in line with the event’s theme.


  1. Live music is intimate and personal

Weddings, for example, are emotionally charged, and live music can help tie everything together. When you hire a live musician or live band to play your favourite love songs at the wedding, it adds that personal and intimate touch to the music. When you customize the live music to your liking and personal preferences, with the audience and theme of the day in mind, the occasion’s mood gets spiced up.


  1. The professionals know how to get things running smoothly by rolling with the flow

There will always be those who show up a little too early to the wedding or event, and what better way of keeping such guests entertained as they wait for the ceremony’s official start than by having a live performance. The live music creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Should there be a disconnect in the schedule, the wedding musician knows how to fill and cover those gaps with music, a good distraction that will keep the guests engaged as the issue at hand gets sorted out. Unlike a fixed playlist, a live performer can judge the flow of the ceremony and play the appropriate songs, giving the event that authentic feel.


  1. Hire a musician and save time!

Planning your own wedding or other events can be quite tiring and time-consuming, especially in making the playlist. When you hire a band, a musician, or the services of a live DJ, it saves you plenty of time that you can spend on other aspects of the event. All you have to do is share your preferences with them, and they will get working. You will only need to give the final approval to their proposed music.


Performing artists have specialized in offering specialized entertainment for different kinds of events. When you hire a musician to bring that energy and excitement to your wedding, you can rest easy knowing the professionals got you, with your best interests at heart. Speaking of professionals, you should get in touch with David Delaney, a wedding musician and violinist, for outstanding wedding entertainment services.

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