In addition to performing throughout South Africa, I occasionally have space for individual violin lessons to interested students, on both violin and guitar. I teach violin and guitar to students in different genres of music, ensuring the student gets a taste in many different classical and ethnic styles.  Throughout my career teaching violin lessons, I have prepared students for Trinity Guildhall and UNISA Exams, but am also happy to accommodate those wishing to learn “for fun”. My philosophy is that; every student should be able to choose their own pathway, and embrace music, as a pathway to greater personal fulfillment and life education.


  • Music Theory
  • Intonation
  • Bowing Techniques
  • Celtic Music
  • Double Stopping, Chords, Arpeggios
  • Ornamentation in Fiddle Playing
  • Using Effects Pedal’s in Violin Teaching
  • Improvisation on the Violin
  • String Ensemble Arranging.
  • All Grades & Diplomas through internationally accredited organizations